Dear friend, 

My name is Lena Levterova.

I am Russian.

I was born and raised in Kharkov Ukraine by Russian mother and Greek father.

I know a lot about Israel medical systems, Hospitals and doctors because I lived there for 3 years and made two operations.

You can see my picture in many medical sites because work for many companies in Israel that are bringing patients to Israel.

Medical Tourism is an industry. Everybody want to be in the business. To find you the best Internet expert are working on the Hospitals site and presenting themselves as the hospital.

The medical treatment in Israel is basically the same in any kind of hospital because it is monitored by Government Ministry of Health but the ownership is different. There are public and private hospitals.

Please don’t believe he stories that you work directly with a public hospital at nominal price and that there is no mediator or commission. It is is impossible in Israel because public hospitals belong to the government. If you see this advertisement on the Internet somebody paid for it and he wants to get his money back.

Working “directly” with hospital is a marketing lie told by the internet sale’s people.

You should ask for two or three offers, and compare prices and services like any other product.

Only Israeli citizen can go directly to a public hospital, all tourists must go through a medical tourism department or a private agent.

All medical tourism in hospitals are like a small business. There job is to make money for the hospital.

Up to 30% of your money is going to the “medical tourism department and to the internet people.

Private hospitals can do what ever they want, the price they give you is including all there costs.

Please note:

Because of competitions, sometimes the price in a private hospital is better than in public hospital.

Sometimes it is better to come through an honest agent because you will get better prices and service.

I shall be happy to help. I believe in good. I shall never tell you something I didn’t check.

Thank God I am also being paid without to lie.

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